Kerri's Cue Sheets 

Warm Up and Cool Down for Clogging

Beginner Clogger Handout with step descriptions, abbreviations and links to video clips (needs Adobe Acrobat Reader)


Irish/St. Patrick's Day - a list of PDF files from different sources

Christmas Cue Sheets - a list of PDF files from different sources


Alberta Stamp's cue sheets

AppalTappers Cloggers

Australian Clogging Association - membership is required to access cue sheets

Barbary Coast Cloggers

Blackgold Cloggers

Blue Ridge Thunder Cloggers

Carroll County Cloggers

Cherry City Cloggers

Calico Cloggers - Kathy Moore

California Ground Pounders - Barry Welch

CLOG Dancing

CLOGDOG - Josh King 

CLOG National Dance List

Colleen Zurbrigg

Cowboy Culture (has both line dances and clogging choreography)

Dance N Time

Dare to Clog - Darolyn Pchajek

Daphne (Dahl) Panter (in German but cue sheets in English)

Double Toe Times Archive

European Clogging Association 

Halloween Cloggodiles - site in German but Cue Sheets in English

Indian River Cloggers

Illinois Prairie Clogging Association

Jeff Driggs

Karen Tripp

Kelley's Clogging Page

Kelli McChesney's Clogging Pages

Let's Do Clogging - Ginny Bartes

Loudfeetdancer - Sarah Dwight-Gilroy

Marilyn's Clogging Co. 

Missy Shinoski
Naomi Pyle

New Zealand Clogging Association

Orlando Cloggers

Phantom Taps

Potomac Double Down Workshops by year

Raylin Cloggers - Lelia and Russ Hunsaker

Riverboat - Lois Elling

Sam Gill's cue sheets

Sandra Pohlmann 

Scotty Bilz

Shane Gruber - Shanegang Cloggers

Shufflin Shoes

Silverhawk Stompers

Smiling Frog Hopper

Southern Pride Cloggers

Speed City Cloggers

St. Marx Cloggers

Sugartfoot Family Cloggers

Sugar Creek Cloggers

Texas Dance List

Thunder & Lightning Cloggers

Walworth County Cloggers

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By Subscription

Step in Time - published by the Texas Clogging Council

CLOG Today - published by C.L.O.G.

Double Toe Times 


Videos for purchase

Steve Smith Videos

Pat Dennis

Thunderfloor - Bob the Clogger (turn speaker volume down)

Claudia Collier Videos


Ira Bernstein - Ten Toe Percussion

Ginny Bartes Videos

Wayne Kralik

Texas Clogging Videos

Jeff Driggs Dance Packs


How to Clog - Russ and Lelia Hunsaker