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PDF File of Known Clogging Clubs (last updated Sep 25, 2012)


Clogging Associations


C.L.O.G. -

NWCA - Northwest Cloggers Association

NCCA - Northern California Clogging Association

SCCA - Southern California Clogging Association

Clogging Champions of America

WNYCA - Western New York Clogging Association

Clogging Association of Wisconsin

Texas Clogging Council

Illinois Prairie Clogging Assocation (turn down volume)

Gopher State Clogging Assocation (Minnesota)

Midwest Clogging Connection

NCCA - North Carolina Clogging Association

Georgia Clogging Leaders Association

Sierra Canyon Clogging

Kentucky Clogging Association

Virginia Clog

Arkansas Clog Council

Other Clogging Sites: