I have been searching YouTube and other sites and have found lots that are worth the watch. There are thousands more out there. These are from all over the world, you will see all ages and shapes and sizes.  That's one of the wonderful things about clogging, it's very inclusive and you don't need a "dancers" body or any previous experience being a dancer - if you just love to move to music and want to make some noise with your feet, Clogging is for you!!


Note: Jan 9, 2018 - I will not be updating this list anymore.  If you would like to see more clogging videos, be sure to use Google (or another search engine) or search Youtube directly for more clogging videos.

2017 I celebrated 10 years of posting videos!  Thank you so much to all those who have subscribed and watched my little vids.  

Instead of adding new videos here, I've created several playlists for clogging on Youtube:  You can check it out at this link...

Kerriclogs Channel on Youtube -  here are the Playlists 

Here are a few other channels you should subscribe to


Adam King  Yellow Rose Cloggers of Ohio, many dancethroughs of national dances

California Ground Pounders (Barry Welch)

Cherry City Cloggers


Kelliente's Youtube Channel - some videos of dances from the National Convention 2007 in Nashville

Michael Scrip's has video clips of America's Got Talent Clogging Performances

Sarah Dwight-Gilroy

Tap This!