I have been searching YouTube and other sites and have found a few videos that are worth the watch. There are hundreds more out there. These are from all over the world, you will see all ages and shapes and sizes.  That's one of the wonderful things about clogging, it's very inclusive and you don't need a "dancers" body.


Instead of adding new videos here, I've created several playlists for clogging on Youtube:  You can check it out at this link...

Kerriclogs Channel on Youtube -  here are the Playlists 

Kelliente's Youtube Channel - some videos of dances from the National Convention 2007 in Nashville

Martha Hemingway (Happy Feet Cloggers) teaches clogging in 10 segments

Cyndy from Florida has some steps and dance-throughs on Youtube too.

Michael Scrip's has video clips of America's Got Talent Clogging Performances



Videos of Different Clogging Steps


Kerri's Step Practice Videos - great beginner steps clips (Oregon) - some advanced steps - Cherry City Cloggers, Oregon


Regular Clogging Videos


Kerri's Youtube Playlist of Classroom Clogging - from Calgary- Bow Valley Cloggers - Maureen Dakers cuing - gotta love the accent of the cuer - same accent, different location - great to see basics practiced - "Light in my Mothers Eye" (not great quality, someone played with their camera with this one) - Rise and Shine (little ones are cute)


Traditional Clogging/Buck Dance/Flatfooting


Champions perform  Clogging is something for all ages. - traditional medley - June Carter Cash flatfooting barefoot London, 1981 -  Percussive Dance Festival - almost 10 minutes


Clogging Competition/Performance Videos


Kerri's Youtube Playlist of Demos and Performance Videos - Michael Scrip has clips from all seasons of America's Got Talent. - several videos of Elaine Bender's group - my buddy Libbi is in some of them. - "So You Think You Can Dance" finale - Brandon Norris - "So You Think You Can Dance" audition by Brandon Norris  - My favorite "All That" on America's Got Talent - Another "All That" clip - these kids are sooooo cute - Umpa Lumpa performance at StarPower competition - good performance - 13-15 year olds precision cloggers - traditional cloggers in competition  - Sample of National American Competitions - Duet - "The Hard Road" - on Hee Haw - people of all ages can do it! - another performance - Singin' in the Rain - Australia - this is great!! - Great Medley - Hillbillies Cloggers - first 1 1/2 minutes painful, but it does get better, keep watching!!!! - Wow! (High Horse) Rainbow Cloggers  - Wow! again (Sugarfoot Rag) Rainbow Cloggers - (Hillbilly Shoes) Rainbow Cloggers - I like this song! - Rockytop - Celebration! - Locomotion  - a friend from Texas is in this one! - something other than youtube... a couple of clips on one page - great performances - Hi Horse Cloggers 


Other Forms of Percussive Dance - The Step Crew - very impressive - Can her feet move!! - Ira Bernstein Dance clips -Tap Steps - Red River Jig/Square/Clogging performance group out of Manitoba

Also look at a fans site for more current videos of Asham Stompers

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Want to find out more about clogging, go to the Clogging Links page

Kerri's Youtube Playlist Miscellaneous and Interesting videos

Just for Fun - comedian dance through the ages - worth the watch


Videos Available for Purchase


Steve Smith Videos

Pat Dennis

Thunderfloor - Bob the Clogger (turn speaker volume down)

Claudia Collier Videos


Ira Bernstein - Ten Toe Percussion

Ginny Bartes Videos

Wayne Kralik

Texas Clogging Videos

Jeff Driggs Dance Packs


How to Clog - Russ and Lelia Hunsaker