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Beginner Step Video Playlist - start with this if you are new to clogging

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List last updated: June 24, 2018 


date stepname
28-Nov-15 Advanced Steps - Dustin Stephan (at 2015 Clogtoberfest) part a
28-Nov-15 Advanced Steps - Dustin Stephan (at 2015 Clogtoberfest) part b
28-Nov-15 Advanced Steps - Dustin Stephan (at 2015 Clogtoberfest) part c
13-Aug-09 Advanced Techniques Seminar #2 - Gallop Type Steps
09-Jul-09 Advanced Techniques Seminar #1 - Flatfooting basics
26-Feb-11 Alabama (as taught by Ian Enriquez)
06-Feb-08 Apart and Rock
07-Feb-08 Bad Stamp
17-Oct-07 Basic
30-Sep-14 Basic Flatfooting
10-Feb-08 Basketball Turn
25-Jan-18 beginner warmup dance
11-Nov-17 Bell Kick
27-Oct-09 Bella Click
20-Jan-09 Billy D
18-May-09 Birmingham
25-Feb-09 Bo Weevil
04-Mar-08 Bonanza
10-Feb-08 Boogie Basics
11-Nov-17 Bounce Heel
07-Feb-08 Breaks over with a Heel Dig
18-May-09 Breezin' Easy
09-Nov-07 Brenda
04-Mar-08 Brenda Basic
21-Jan-09 Brush Cramp Sonic
05-Mar-09 Brush Cramp Sonic
05-Mar-09 Brush Crimp
26-Oct-07 Brushes
04-Mar-08 Buck Basics 1
04-Mar-08 Buck Basics 2
21-Jan-09 Buck Fancy (Fancy Fancy)
03-Sep-09 Buck Gregory
13-Aug-09 Buck Side Rock
07-Dec-10 Buffalo
30-Sep-14 Buffalo Shoals step breakdown
25-Feb-09 Burton Slide
18-May-09 Burtons, Skuffies, Tennessee Downs, Flatfooting
05-Mar-09 Cabbage
27-Feb-08 Calico
07-Feb-08 Canadian Basic
05-Mar-09 Canadian Couplet
05-Feb-08 Canadian Vine
31-Oct-09 Casey Jones
09-Nov-07 Catawba
07-Feb-08 Catawba
05-Mar-09 Chaplin
08-Apr-09 Chaplin
27-Oct-07 Charleston
27-Feb-08 Charleston
27-Oct-07 Charleston Brush
27-Feb-08 Charleston Brush
21-Jan-09 Charleston Gregory Sonic
18-May-09 Chasin' the Heel
08-Aug-08 Chicken Scratch
30-Sep-14 Clogging Class Warmup
04-Mar-08 Clogover 4 Combos
29-Oct-09 Clogover Hiccup
07-Feb-08 Clogover Push
27-Feb-08 Clogover Push
07-Feb-08 Clogover Switch Vine
27-Oct-07 Clogover Vine
08-Aug-08 Corn Dog
09-Nov-07 Cotton Eyed Joe
26-Oct-07 Cowboy
06-Feb-08 Cowgirl
05-Feb-08 Crazy Legs
06-Feb-08 Crazy Step
05-Mar-09 Crimp (Cramp) Rolls
05-Mar-09 Crimp Burton
11-Nov-17 Crimp Rock Sonic
05-Mar-08 Cross Basics
05-Mar-09 Cross It Over
09-Nov-07 Crossover
05-Mar-08 Crossover Rockback
06-Feb-08 Dave Vine
30-Mar-08 Daydream Pull
30-Mar-08 Daydream Pull (complete)
30-Mar-08 Daydream Pull (ending)
17-Oct-10 Do You Love me - Clogging Dance Through
17-Oct-10 Do You Love Me - Clogging Dance Walkthrough
26-Feb-11 Dog House (as taught by Ian Enriquez)
27-Oct-07 Donkey
10-Feb-08 Doreen
01-Feb-09 Dorothy Heel Clicks
09-Nov-07 Double Basic
09-Nov-07 Double Basic and a Brush
15-Apr-14 Double Double Sequence
13-Aug-09 Double Double Toe Double
04-Feb-09 Double Doubles
21-Jan-09 Double Fastball
27-Feb-08 Double Hard Push
05-Feb-08 Double Up
25-Feb-09 Drag Slide Motion
21-Jan-09 Dragger Basic
18-May-09 Dream
10-Jun-08 Dream and Wish Variations - Digital Soul
05-Mar-09 Drill0001 - Runs, Basics
05-Mar-09 Drill0002 - Touches
05-Mar-09 Drill0003 - Triples
05-Mar-09 Drill0004 - Chains
21-Jan-09 Du Jour
11-Nov-17 Duck Walk
07-Dec-10 Easy Slider
05-Feb-08 Eric
06-Sep-11 Evolution of Clogging by Barry Welch
18-Oct-07 Fancy Double
27-Oct-07 Fancy Triple
21-Jan-09 Finn
05-Mar-09 Finn
05-Mar-09 Finnicky
05-Mar-08 Fisher
25-Jan-09 Fisher
05-Feb-08 Flare
09-Nov-07 Flea Flickers
10-Feb-08 Flea Flickers
05-Mar-08 Football turn
02-Aug-08 Funky Creep
21-Jan-09 Ga Gallop
06-Nov-09 Gallop Patter
21-Jan-09 Get It Burton
01-Feb-09 Ghost Buster
06-Nov-09 Goat Wiper
18-May-09 Gregory Combo
29-Oct-09 Groovy
08-Aug-08 Half Sweat Step
25-Jan-18 Happy Heart - Beginner Dance
05-Mar-08 Hardrunner
09-Nov-07 Hardstep
06-Feb-08 Hardstep
05-Mar-08 Haywheeler
25-Jan-09 Heather
26-Feb-11 Heaven Flare (as taught by Ian Enriquez)
18-Oct-07 Heel Strut
27-Oct-07 Heel Touches
25-Feb-09 Hell Train
18-May-09 Hell Train
06-Nov-09 High Gallop
09-Nov-07 High Horse
27-Feb-08 High Horse
27-Oct-07 Hillbilly
26-Feb-11 Homer Vine (as taught by Ian Enriquez)
18-May-09 Hook Vine
05-Mar-09 Horsey
27-Feb-08 Hot Foot
05-Mar-08 Ida Red
08-Apr-09 Ida Red
08-Aug-08 Irish Triple
25-Jan-09 Irish Twist
05-Feb-08 Jacky Kick
09-Nov-07 Joey
07-Feb-08 Joey
25-Jan-18 Just Say Yes - Beginner Dance
29-Oct-09 JW Brush
08-Apr-09 Kangaroo
10-Feb-08 Karate
05-Feb-08 Karate Rock
09-Nov-07 Kentucky Drags
21-Jan-09 Kentucky Drags and Joey
06-Nov-09 Kentucky Loop Pothole
05-Mar-08 Kerri's Step
29-Oct-09 Kickin Pony
06-Nov-09 Laura's Bounce
01-Feb-09 Libbi's Kick
30-Mar-08 Liberty
09-Nov-07 Lucy Brush
04-Feb-09 Machine Gun
25-Feb-09 Marci
08-Aug-08 Maxi Sonic
25-Feb-09 McNamara
07-Dec-10 Michael
08-Apr-09 MJ
06-Nov-09 MJ Mac
07-Dec-10 Moonshine
27-Feb-08 Mountain Basic
09-Nov-07 Mountain Goat
27-Feb-08 Mountain Goat
01-Feb-09 Mountain Goat Wiper Gallop (taught by Barry Welch)
07-Feb-08 My Oh My
27-Feb-08 Neutron
06-Mar-14 Nylinda
09-Nov-07 Only Wanna
06-Nov-09 Operator
27-Oct-07 Outhouse
10-Feb-08 Over Vine Spin
26-Oct-08 Petticoat Pump
09-Nov-07 Pigeon Lift (Pothole)
05-Mar-08 Popcorn
25-Jan-09 Popcorn
20-Feb-17 Pullbacks
07-Feb-08 Pulley Slide
05-Feb-08 Pump Touch
22-Oct-07 Pushoff
05-Mar-09 Quick Doubles
27-Feb-08 Ralph
05-Mar-08 Red Rooster
18-May-09 Rhinestone Cowboy
05-Feb-08 Rock Doubles
07-Feb-08 Rock Doubles turning
17-Oct-07 Rock Step
22-Oct-07 Rockback
18-May-09 Rocker
25-Jan-18 Rockin Robin - Beginner Dance
03-Sep-09 Rockin' Toe Fling (taught by Barry Welch)
26-Oct-07 Rocking Chair
07-Feb-08 Rooster Heel Run
08-Apr-09 Rooster Run
25-Feb-09 Rougie Vine
08-Aug-08 Round out Rock
06-Feb-08 Roundouts and Jazz Boxes
17-Oct-07 Run (double toe step)
27-Feb-08 Sally Anne
10-Feb-08 Saluda Vine
01-Feb-09 Sam & Turk
09-Nov-07 Samantha
10-Feb-08 Samantha
25-Jan-09 Samantha
05-Mar-09 Samantha Ba Da Da
01-Feb-09 Samantha Kick
06-Feb-08 Samantha Turkey
20-Feb-17 Samantha variations
10-Feb-08 Scoots
10-Feb-08 Scotty
07-Feb-08 Shakes
09-Nov-07 Shave and a Haircut
05-Feb-08 Shave and a Haircut
08-Apr-09 Shenandoah (NOT the Southern California one)
11-Nov-17 Shenandoah (Southern California one)
30-Mar-08 Shoot the Hooch
09-Jul-09 Showoff
25-Feb-09 Shuffles
27-Oct-07 Side Touches
07-Feb-08 Silly Rock
09-Nov-07 Simone
07-Feb-08 Simone
25-Jan-09 Simone
25-Jan-09 Simone Stomp
08-Aug-08 Skuff It
29-Oct-09 Skuffy Pony Jog
25-Jan-18 Sky Full of Angels - Beginner Dance
05-Feb-08 Slider
08-Oct-14 Slider (revisited)
09-Nov-07 Slur Basics/Slur Brush
18-May-09 Smokey
05-Mar-08 Soccer Turn
18-May-09 Sonja
06-Nov-09 Spin Cycle
05-Mar-09 Stagger
11-Nov-17 Stagger Run
08-Apr-09 Stamp and Slap
18-May-09 Star
07-Dec-10 Step 1 Teeth - Double Double Step Skuff Thing (as taught by Barry Welch)
07-Dec-10 Step 2 Teeth - Joe Greg Maxi Pullback (as taught by Barry Welch)
07-Dec-10 Step 3 Teeth - Southern (as taught by Barry Welch)
05-Mar-08 Stomp Doubles
27-Feb-08 Stomp High Horse
18-Nov-14 Summey Vine
30-Mar-08 Sweat Step
05-Mar-09 Sweat Step
05-Mar-08 Swivel Stamp
02-Aug-08 Syncho Tap Back Stomp
05-Feb-08 Syncopate
27-Oct-07 Tap Backs
25-Jan-18 Teenager in Love - Beginner Dance
07-Dec-10 Tell Mama
30-Mar-08 Tennessee Up
30-Mar-08 Tennessee Walkin
25-Jan-09 Time Bomb (syncopate)
13-Aug-09 Toe Double Split Lift
13-Aug-09 Toe Heel Syncopated
05-Mar-08 Toe Heel Vine
18-Oct-07 Toe Heels
27-Feb-08 Toe Tapper
13-Aug-09 Too Much
26-Oct-07 Touches
07-Feb-08 Travelling Shoes
10-Feb-08 Triple Ankle Roll
26-Oct-07 Triple Brush
13-Aug-09 Triple Knock
10-Feb-08 Triple Loop Rock Double
05-Mar-09 Triple Lucy
22-Oct-07 Triples
15-Feb-09 Trouble Step
05-Mar-09 Trouble Step
09-Nov-07 T-Step
10-Feb-08 T-Step
09-Nov-07 Turkey
08-Aug-08 Turkey Plus
08-Apr-09 Turning Clogover Vine
22-Oct-07 Turning Pushoff
25-Feb-09 Twisters
11-Sep-11 Twisters
11-Nov-17 Twisty Bounce/Martini Twist
13-Jan-13 Unbelievable Step taught by Eric Bice
07-Feb-08 Unclog
04-Mar-08 Utah
27-Oct-07 Vine
07-Feb-08 Vine Ball Slide
27-Feb-08 Violet's Rock
09-Nov-07 Walk the Dog
10-Feb-08 Walk the Dragon (Louisiana, 4 Runs/Drag and Skip)
11-Nov-17 Waymouth
27-Feb-08 Western Basic
01-Feb-09 Windshield Wipers (Scissors)
18-May-09 Wish
05-Mar-09 With Me
08-Apr-09 Yes Ma'am Galore