Note: Jan 8, 2018 I have removed the link to a list of clogging clubs from my site because it was so outdated and I didn't have the time to verify every listing. If you are looking for clogging in your area and the following links don't help, feel free to email me at, I will happily try to find you a club in your area.

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Looking for clogging in your area?

Please refer to one of the clogging associations below or email me at and I'll try and get you in contact with someone locally.

Be sure to join the facebook group  Worldwide Clogging for current club and workshop information.

US Clogging Associations

Arkansas Clog Council

C.L.O.G. -

Clogging Association of Wisconsin

Clogging Champions of America

Georgia Clogging Leaders Association

Gopher State Clogging Assocation (Minnesota)

Illinois Prairie Clogging Assocation (turn down volume)

Midwest Clogging Connection

NCCA - Northern California Clogging Association

NWCA - Northwest Cloggers Association

Kentucky Clogging Association

SCCA - Southern California Clogging Association

Sierra Canyon Clogging

Texas Clogging Council

Virginia Clog

WNYCA - Western New York Clogging Association


Australian Clogging Association

Dundalk (Canadian)

New Zealand

You can also check with your local Square Dance Association for information as well

Other Clogging Sites: