Kerri’s Cue Sheets (Alphabetical) 



All I Want is You

All Over the Road

All Things

All Star

All Summer Long - edited from Eric Bice's original

Barefoot Blue Jean Night

Beautiful Day - Waltz Clog

Blame it on that Red Dress

Breakaway – Waltz Clog

Buffalo Shoals



Dance Around Molly (one of my personal favorites)

Dancing Crazy

Deer Beer

Don't Worry Bout a Thing

Fly Robin Fly

Hard Rain

I Don't Care if the Sun Don't Shine

I'll Never Shed Another Tear

It's Like Summer

Jingle Bells (my second ever cue sheet)

Let It Shine

Mississippi Squirrel Revival


Northern Girl

Oh Boy

One Fine Day

Paddy on the Landfill

Party Dress (one of my personal favorites)

Perfect Day

Simple Life

Sweet Pea

Swing with Me

The White Stuff

Weston Danger

Whiskey Before Breakfast

Whiskey Girl


You Can't Put the City in the Country Girl